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  • Do I need to book?
    There is no need to book. Please just come along and we will get you out on the course. If you have a group of at least 15 or more, however, it may be worth booking as we can then let you know of any discounts that may be applicable. Call us on 5250 3777.
  • What age group is mini golf suitable for?
    Everyone! We have the pleasure of welcoming all sorts of groups from families with toddlers through to grandparents to uni friends to social clubs and kids parties. We have putters to suit all sizes from small, very light, wooden putters to extra long ones for the tallest adult. Each hole also offers junior tee-off points a little bit further along the green for those that would like to use them We are also a great place for a date as mini golf is a fantastic icebreaker and can be used as a good opportunity to find out early on if your date has a competitive streak or any anger management issues you should know about!
  • Do I need to have played golf before?
    Not at all! Mini golf is very straightforward and easy to pick up, in fact a lot of the fun of mini golf is the things that go wrong! Our friendly staff are on hand to give you all the basic instructions and tips you’ll need to get started.
  • How long does it take to play?
    This is dependent upon several factors including group size, skill level and how busy the courses are on the day. As a guide it will take a group of 2 approximately 40 mins per 18 hole course and a group of 4 approximately 1 hr per course. If you’re playing both courses, double these times. We ask groups of 4 & 5 to "play like the pros" to keep things fair for smaller groups... that is, each player has their first shot (tees off) and then everyone takes it in turns having a shot so all the balls are in play on the course at the same time. This allows groups to flow better around the course.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    We will kit you up with all you need to play mini golf; that is a putter, ball, pencil & scorecard. You may also like to consider bringing anything you may require to protect you from the elements such as sunscreen, a raincoat or umbrella. Oh and actually, please note, shoes are required.
  • How many courses/holes do you have?
    We have two standalone courses of 18 holes each. Yes, thats 36 holes of adventure golf! Beware of facilities that claim a number of holes which may actually be played by repeating the same greens.
  • If I pay to play two courses, do I have to play them on the same day?
    ‘Fraid so. If you would like to leave for lunch or the like and come back on the same day, however, that’s fine.
  • Do we have to decide straight away if we're going to play both courses?
    We’d rather not force you into making any decisions so you can totally just pay for one course to start with, then if you decide you want to keep the excitement going you can upgrade to play the second course at our generously discounted rate.
  • What if it is raining?
    One of our courses, the Mill, is partly undercover so provided you have raincoats or umbrellas it is actually very enjoyable to play in the rain… the gardens look great and the course is generally quite quiet. There are 6 holes which are in the building plus scattered shelter around the rest of the course so you can be undercover for most of the time you aren’t taking your shot. If you can recruit a caddy to hold an umbrella for you… even better!
  • Do you offer any snacks or drinks?
    We pride ourselves on our great quality coffee from local Geelong roasters - Capra. We have a great selection of your favourite icecream flavours served in generous scoops. We make a mean milkshake to order. If you need something a little more substantial we offer burritos. We know its kinda random but these tasty treats are not spicy at all so suitable for all the family... if you do like it spicy we have complimentary tabasco and you can also choose to add jalapeños for even more kick. We also offer a selection of cold drinks & sweet treats.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    Smoking is prohibited throughout the facility, if you need to smoke you will find a disposal point out the front of the clubhouse in the car park.
  • Are we allowed to bring alcoholic drinks?
    If you are having a function we are licensed for BYO in the party room and on the docks. Under no circumstances is any alcohol allowed on the courses.
  • Do I have to pay if I just want to watch?
    While mini golf is fun for all ages we understand that sometimes not everyone in a group wants to have a putt so spectators are free to come in at no charge.
  • Do kids require supervision?
    Yes! Please note any kids under 13 will require one adult per 5 children to go around the course with them. Another older child is not adequate supervision.
  • Is there a maximum number of people allowed to play in each group?
    Usually this is five people per group, however in peak periods as determined by management this may be reduced to four in order to keep players flowing smoothly around the courses. Limiting group size allows us to keep it fair for smaller groups who shouldn't have to wait an excessive amount of time behind groups of more people. For the same reason, we also ask that bigger groups (4 or 5 players) have all their balls in play on the green at once and stick to a maximum of 8 strokes per hole.
  • What if I'm left handed?
    Not a problem, our clubs have putting faces on both sides.
  • How do I score?
    Its very straightforward, just add up the number of putts it takes you to get the ball in the hole and write it down on the scorecard we provide you with.
  • What are the rules?
    Maximum 8 strokes per hole If your ball goes into the lake or garden, don’t attempt to retrieve it, collect another one from the clubhouse. Place ball back on green where it left it and give yourself a 1 stroke penalty. If your ball stops in a sand or water trap, place it back on the closest part of the green and give yourself a 1 stroke penalty. If side walls or other obstacles prevent putting, move the ball one club head towards centre of fairway
  • What does "play like the pros" mean and why do you ask groups to do it?
    We ask that bigger groups "play like the pros" to keep things flowing around the course to make it fair for smaller groups. We ask groups of 4 & 5 to "play like the pros"... that is, each player has their first shot (tees off) and then everyone takes it in turns having a shot. In this style of play, all the balls are on the course at the same time which adds even more excitement as your ball may be knocked into the hole by that of your opponents! This allows groups to flow better around the course ensuring a fun & relaxing round for all groups.
  • What are the different coloured dots on the course for?
    The blue dots at the start of each hole are the tee-off markers. Place your ball anywhere between these two dots to start the hole. The red dots you will see a bit further along the green are marking the junior tee-off point. This lets the little ones start a bit closer to the cup and allows you to tailor your game to suit the players.
  • Can we hold a birthday or other party with you?
    Yes we’d love to help you celebrate. Check out details for kids catered & self-catered parties here. Or for a grown-up party check out information on function room and BBQ hire as well as our catering options here.
  • Do you offer group discounts?
    Yes indeedy! If your group is at least 15 people and you will be paying in one transaction give us a call on 5250 3777 for discount information.
  • Can you open out of hours for groups?
    Yes and we do have lights for evening play. We require a minimum spend on golf to open outside our normal business hours. This minimum spend is dependent on timings so please do give us a call on 5250 3777 or send an enquiry to discuss your specific requirements.
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